Marks Pryor™ Impression Punches

General purpose punches for marking that does not require the durability and precision of Pryor Punches

Impression Punches are manufactured from quality controlled Chromium Tool Steel allied to precise heat treatment, giving a hardness of 58-62 Rockwell 'C' at the character and 32-40 Rockwell 'C' at the striking end.

Suitable for marking material up to 38 Rockwell 'C'

For guidance on hardness of material to be marked click here

Blue heat treated finish


Marks Pryor Impression Punches

Pryor Punches appear as shown To produce a readable impression
Pryor Punches are manufactured with a sharp faced characters  
The diagram shows the effect on the crystalline structure of material being marked with a sharp faced character
The Punch Safety Grip firmly holds all sizes of Pryor Punch and allows a hard blow to be struck without the risk of jarring or damaging the fingers of the user.  


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