Standard Type

To mark sharp faced, positive impressions into most metals and many plastics. Simply build a series of characters into a holder and with one strike produce a mark with uniform legibility.

TYPE pieces

Can be purchased as a complete Fount Set, comprising 100 characters, plus spacers, tweezers, Hexagon key and hand holder (optional) or as single pieces and holders Sets supplied in a strong plastic case with components for accurate storage and easy character selection.

Composition of Fount Set

Standard Type is manufactured with a Sharp Faced Character  
The diagram shows the effect on the crystalline structure of material being marked with a sharp faced character
The character appears in reverse to
indent a positive readable impression
Standard Type is available with three different blank sizes :  
  • Marks Pryor Type used in all areas of the world, not common in the USA
  • Imperial Type used primarily in the USA
  • Euro Type used primarily in Europe


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