Low Stress Type

For use in applications which dictate that lower stress levels are introduced into the component being marked.

Simply build a series of characters into a holder and with one strike produce a mark with uniform legibility.

  TYPE pieces  

Type pieces can be purchased as a complete Fount Set, comprising 100 characters, plus spacers, tweezers, Hexagon key and hand holder (optional) or as single pieces and holders. Sets are supplied in strong cases with components for accurate storage and easy character selection.

  Marks Pryor HAND HOLDERS  

Type holders are designed to provide accurate type location and positive locking combined with ease of use and durability

Holders for the larger Type size of 5mm (3/16”) are designed with a spring clip for added safety

Safety Handle: For added protection Hand Holders can be fitted with an extended handle to reduce the risk of jarring or damaging the fingers of the user.

PRYOR ® Lowstress Type is available in two different character styles

MiniStress™ – round faced, continuous line character The character appears in reverse to indent a positive readable impression
DotStress™ – round faced, dot formation character

Safety note – as with all hand tools, we recommend the use of appropriate safety protection. Safety glasses and gloves should be used at all times.


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