Marktronic™ 3000 C S Series
3000 C60-60S | 3000 C100-100S | 3000 C150-150S | 3000 C300-150S 3000 C60-60ZS | 3000 C100-100ZS | 3000 C150-150ZS | 3000 C300-150ZS Highest precision
P50-25 Machine
  • Robust column and base
  • Marking window up to 300x150 mm

Bench top scribe marking machines

Rigid column, high accuracy, fully programmable, excellent quality marks with continuous lines.
  • Pneumatic scribing system generating high quality continuous style marks on materials ranging from plastics to hardened steel
  • Extreme low noise operations
  • Large marking envelope up to 300x150 mm
  • Rigid column and robust ball screw mechanism (twin linear rails and twin linear bearings on each axis) guarantees the highest quality of marks
  • Powered Z digital axis (“ZS” series) for automatic working area clearance and programmable batch height positioning
  • Low running costs and virtually no consumable costs
  • 100 - 220v single phase supply
3000 controller and software
  • Separate 3000 controller protects electronics from shock loading of mechanical marking operation.
  • Durable integrated membrane keyboard with LCD linked function keys.
  • Very large embedded graphical display
  • Simple to use menu system software with marking preview
  • Advanced standard features incl. serial numbering, passwords, arc marking, time/date and logo marking etc.
  • Various communication ports and I/O
  • Wide Range of Options
Technical Specification
  • Standard marking area available: 60 x 60mm (C60-60S), 100 x 100mm (C100-100S), 150 x 150mm (C150-150S), 300 x 150mm (C300-150S). For larger ones, see 3000 GantryMark™S
  • Diamond-tipped or tungsten carbide stylus mounted on “L” (Light mark) or “M” (Medium depth) cylinder. Example: C150-150SM. For very deep marking such as Vehicle Identification Number marking (VIN Marking), see product i140-40SHD.
  • Powered Z digital axis (“ZS” series). Example: C150-150ZSM
  • Std. Character Sizes: 0.15mm - 99.9mm in increments of 0.15mm
  • Marking Formed: Various fonts, HPGL, BMP Logos
  • Marking Speed: Variable, depends on application
  • Memory storage of up to 1350 marking programs
  • 2 x RS232 and Digital I/O (8 In 6Out) Connectivity. Optional Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Full QWERTY integrated membrane keyboard with addition PS/2 port for external keyboards.
  • On-screen mark preview and trial-run features.
  • Remote Start/Stop control box
  • PC Option using Pryor MarkMaster™ Graphical Software
  • Weight: Marking Machine - 34kg Controller – 10Kg
  • Direct Part Marking (DPM)
  • Programmable marking
  • Component identification
  • Component traceability
  • Serial numbering
  • Logo marking
  • Security marking
  • Health & safety appliance marking
  • Certification marking
  • Time and date marking
  • Part numbering
  • Batch and shift coding
  • Calibration systems
  • Label and tag marking
The 3000 ‘C’ (Column mounted) Scribe marking machines (also called scratch marking or drop-and-drag marking) have been designed to offer the flexibility of a bench top marking machine in a robust, simple to use package.

The build quality and mark precision are second to none. The machines rigid construction and high quality ball screw mechanism with unique twin linear rails and twin linear bearings on each axis ensures it can deal with the most demanding applications as well as the most challenging high speed continuous production applications.

The 3000 C Scribing machines consist of three building blocks, marking head, base & column and the controller.

The Marking Head is available with 4 different marking areas (see technical specifications) up to 300 x 150mm size. The marking depth can be adjusted and scribing cylinders are available in two sizes to better meet your actual need.

The Base and Column facilitate the height adjustment with either manual positioning (“S” series) or powered digital axis (“ZS” series). Riser blocks are also available for marking very tall parts.

The 3000 Controller is a separate unit to ensure it is protected from the mechanical shock loading of the marking operation. The easy to use software allows for 5 font types and up to 1350 layouts to be stored. Available in a variety of languages (including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese, Cyrillic and Czech), the software also contains features such as serial numbering, date and time marking and password protection.

The machine comes with a comprehensive parts and labor warranty, with additional optional maintenance contracts tailored to individual customer requirements.

Other machines in this range feature a variety of marking areas to ensure the marking head suits exactly the requirements of the application.

Wide Range of Options
Standard hardware options include;

  • Magnetic table
  • Machine ‘T’ slot table
  • Label fixture
  • Custom designed fixtures are also available on request.
  • Remote Start/Stop box
  • Footswitch start pedal
  • Automatic Label feeders (Electric and Pneumatic)
  • Windows Operating Software
  • Barcode scanner to simplify data entry
  • Circumferential Axis for marking around cylindrical parts
  • Through hole circumferential fixture
  • 0 – 90° Tilting Heavy Duty Circumferential Axis
  • TCP/IP (10BaseT) Ethernet Module for 3000 controller
  • Extended Warranty packages available

T Slot Table

Label Fixture

Magnetic Table Fixture

50mm, 100mm &
custom Nosepieces

TCP/IP Ethernet Module

Electric Automatic
Label/Tag Feeder

Pneumatic Label Feed
(Single and Twin Feeds)

Barcode Scanner

Remote Start/Stop Box

Footswitch Start Pedal

Electric Z Axis Upgrade Kit

Replacement Stili

Pneumatic Deep Marking Attachment

MS Scribing Attachment

Scribing Attachment

Heavy Duty Circumferential Axis
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