Marking Products
We develop, design and manufacture 6 permanent marking technologies for direct part marking or data plate marking (tag marking). As manufacturer and experts in these technologies we offer design-to-order solutions as well as the widest range of standard marking products available on the market. Our systems are well known in the aerospace industry for extremely high quality of marks but also appreciated by many other industrial customers for their robustness and reliability.
Dot Marking
Dot marking technology also called dot peen marking, stylus pin system or micro-percussion marking consists in indenting series of dots into materials to form human readable alphanumeric identification, logos and 2D Data Matrix codes.
Scribe Marking
Scribing technology generates high quality continuous line marking with very low noise level operations. Heavy duty models are perfectly well suited to Vehicle Identification Marking .
Laser Marking
Manufacturing laser marking systems, from cost effective standard workstations to advanced custom solutions. Marks Pryor develop its own scan heads, software, electronic controllers, custom enclosures and automation systems
Electrochemical Marking
The Pryor Etchmaster Workstation is a portable all in one etching solution, powered using a single 110/220v supply. The electrolytic marking process works on almost any electro-conductive material.
Manual & press marking
A wide range of low cost, hand held stamps used for marking single characters by indenting. The simple solution for multi character marking, for use in hand or machine holders.
Engraved dies
Marks Pryor are master engravers of steel and offer a wide range of dies to suit most industrial applications and the many different materials that require marking, Features
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